LGBTIQA+ Greens Quiz Party Leadership Hopefuls

Saturday afternoon saw LGBTIQA+ Greens hold a lively hustings for the party’s leadership and deputy leadership hopefuls.

They tackled a wide range of questions about how they would work with liberation groups such as LGBTIQA+ Greens; how they would connect the issues of climate justice and social justice and how they would support LGBTIQA+ members to compete for elected positions.

The leaders debate featured:

  • Home Affairs spokesperson, Shahrar Ali
  • current Co-Leader, Jonathan Bartley (running with job-share partner Sian Berry)
  • Solihull Councillor, Rosi Sexton.

The deputy leader contest featured:

  • former Young Greens SP Committee Co-Chair, Nick Humberstone;
  • Councillor and former Bristol Lord Mayor, Cleo Lake;
  • 2019 parliamentary candidate for South West Hertfordshire, Tom Pashby; a
  • Green Party Deputy Leader, Amelia Womack.

Unfortunately Andrea Carey Fuller (2019 parliamentary candidate for Lewisham Deptford) was unavailable to attend. She sent in a video in her stead.

Watch the videos here:

Andrea wasn't able to send over her welcome video before the event. It's available below.