Asexual & Aromantic History

Written by Elle Windsor   A-spec history is a little tricky to pin down. It’s a pretty nebulous thing, by it’s nature. It’s not really possible to know someone is or was asexual or aromantic unless they tell us. And the language we use today is specific, complex and fairly new which make searching for […]

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The Importance of Community

Written by Luanne Thornton (she/her) Pride month comes not only as a moment of celebration for the LGBTIQA+ community but also a moment of reflection. We take this opportunity to question what do LGBTIQA+ individuals need to recognise, accept, and celebrate their most authentic selves?  The LGBTIQA+ community need and deserve a knowledge of LGBTIQA+ […]

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What is ‘Normal’ anyway?

Written by Lollie Melton (she/her) “One of the deadliest tools of powerful systems is narrow definitions of what is “normal” and the reduction of difference to deviance.” ~ James Arpin-Ricci There are power structures present in our society. The world is designed to favour some people over others, based on facets of our identities that we […]

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