Election Regulations

Effective from LGBTIQA+ Greens AGM 13th November 2021

PDF version available for download

The management group shall organise annual elections for all officer positions by online ballot.

The electorate should be all LGBTIQA+ members of LGBTIQA+ Greens. Exceptions to this will be affiliated regional groups who should define the electorate in their terms of reference.

The time frame for all elections shall be:

  • Nominations will be open for a minimum of two weeks
  • Voting will be open for a further two weeks.
  • Results will be announced within one week of voting closing.

An electoral returning officer (ERO) will be appointed by the LGBTIQA+ Greens management group to coordinate the election 

The ERO will be responsible for drawing up standing orders for an online election – drawing from guidance from the national party

All officers of LGBTIQA+ Greens will be elected via STV with an option for Reopen Nominations. They will serve one year.

Single Transferable Vote quota for election is calculated as follows: total valid vote divided by one more than the number of seats up for election plus one (or rounded up) to avoid ties: (TVV/(seats+1)) +1.

Candidates will not have to publicly declare any reserved categories they are running for.

In the instance where not enough candidates have come forward who are women, POC, trans or disabled the ERO will encourage candidates to come forward and nominations will be open for a further week. If no more candidates come forward, then the election will proceed, and reserved places will be left vacant with the Management Group being given the option to co-opt at a later date.

In the co-chair election:

  • If the candidate with the most votes is a cis man then all other candidates who are cis men will be excluded from the vote and their preferences reallocated

In the members representatives election:

  • If the top 5 most voted for candidates do not include a person from one of the reserved categories (women, POC, disability and trans) then the highest placed candidate from any absent group will be promoted into the top 5. 
  • Candidates may fulfil more than one category. 
  • Equalities information will be collected by the ERO.

Members of the LGBTIQA+ Greens may put themselves forward as a job share for any election where only a single candidate can be elected eg. Secretary and Treasurer.