LGBTIQA+ Greens Standing Orders for Elections - Autumn 2022

ESO1 Candidates for any role in LGBTIQA+ Greens elections, and proposers of papers, are entitled to campaign and must all follow the same rules. 

ESO2 Neither Candidates nor their proposers and supporters may spend any money relating to the Election and Campaigning  (except for relevant travel to official LGBTIQA+ events). Any Member of LGBTIQA+ Greens may report a suspected breach of this Clause to the Electoral Returning Officer.

ESO3 Candidates and proposers may use the contact details of people they know personally (including due to personal social media accounts and holding roles in the LGBTIQA+ Greens or The Green Party of England and Wales and subsidiary bodies) to directly canvass for support, via their own networks, in the run up to the election. However it is strictly forbidden to use administrative privileges to attain contact details inappropriately such as through access to mailing lists, nor may Candidates or Proposers unduly use their position or prospective position for a strategic advantage such as by offering incentives to potential voters or through a quid pro quo. 

ESO4 Candidates and proposers may campaign online and use social media to canvas for support but only strictly in a personal capacity. All campaign materials must clearly state in legible typeface "Promoted and produced by [Candidate Name] as part of their campaign for election for [Role]. This is not an official communication from the LGBTIQA+ Greens." - this rule shall always be enforced and the repeated use of misleading campaign materials after a warning will lead to disqualification from the Election by the Electoral Returning Officer.

ESO5 Candidates and proposers may not use official LGBTIQA+ Greens or Green Party communication channels such as administrative email and Facebook privileges. Official LGBTIQA+ Greens channels may not amplify those running for election beyond the limited specific scope of their current role (if they hold one), nor may the LGBTIQA+ Greens approve, endorse, or allow Candidates to be external representatives on a National or International level during the electoral period, except if: the Candidate is a duly selected representative at an international event for Green Parties; or if the platform is specifically as part of an electoral campaign to elected office for a local, regional, national, or international position for example a local Council, regional Assembly, or Parliament; or if the LGBTIQA+ Greens Committee agrees unanimously (notwothstanding involved Candidates in the event they also sit on the Committee) that participation is beneficial for the aims of the organisation. Materials produced, co-produced, or approved by candidates which are exact or highly similar in likeness to wording from candidates' statements or campaign materials may not be amplified on official LGBTIQA+ Greens channels during the election period, except if all Candidates’ statements receive equal showcase (notwithstanding suspended or disqualified Candidacies).

ESO6 All Candidate Statements shall be distributed to all LGBTIQA+ Greens Members online. 

ESO7 Campaigns must focus on the benefits of the candidate they are supporting, not the flaws of the candidates opposing them. Negative campaigning, smear campaigns, and mudslinging are not permitted. If anonymous smear campaigns take place, the Electoral Returning Officer may rerun the election until they are satisfied that the issue has been resolved. References to actions done or things said in the past by other candidates are not necessarily negative campaigning. This can often be an essential part of an accountable democracy, and these rules are not intended to prevent rigorous and in-depth campaigns from other candidates. The ERO should ensure they act in a fair and consistent manner towards all candidates when adjudicating these matters.

ESO8 The following acts are strictly forbidden: bribery, coercion, manipulation, disregard for decisions properly made and within the remit of the Electoral Returning Officer or relevant bodies, corruption, intimidation, bringing LGBTIQA+ Greens into disrepute, lying, production and/or distribution of false or misleading campaign materials, and mistreating of members. 

ESO9 Candidates or Proposers with LGBTIQA+ Greens email adresses, admin rights, or other privileges due to their role may not use these unduly during the election period. This includes but isn't limited to: Candidates or Proposers must not canvass for support using official email channels; Admins of groups or channels who happen to be Candidates or Proposers must act in a fair manner when approving and creating posts, and the Electoral Returning Officer will judge when this has not been the case.

ESO10 The Electoral Returning Officer may, from time to time, implement specific further regulations which do not conflict with any rules in the Constitution or Election Regulations which also do not impact the equitable and fair treatment of campaigns - time-limited further specific regulations shall not be retrospective nor retroactive and all Candidates and Proposers must be informed of the implementation of any further rules.

ESO11 Any member, regardless of candidate status, can report a suspected breach of these rules to the Electoral Returning Officer or to Green Party of England and Wales Staff. 

ESO12 Any suspected electoral breach of these rules shall be investigated by the Electoral Returning Officer who has the following options open to them: 

ESO12.1 Suspension of a candidate, who is suspected to have breached these rules, from the current election, pending investigation by the Electoral Returning Officer. If the investigation cannot be completed by the close of voting, the election will be re-run with timescales set by the Electoral Returning Officer. 

ESO12.2 Expulsion from the current election of a candidate found to be in breach of these rules, by the Electoral Returning Officer - the election shall otherwise continue as normal.

ESO12.3 Expulsion from the current election of a candidate where it has been found that person(s) acting on their behalf have breached these rules. 

ESO12.4 Additionally, Candidates removed from the current election due to the actions of themselves or others will still be eligible to be a candidate for future elections to any position within the LGBTIQA+ Greens. 

ESO13 Any suspected non-electoral breaches, during an election and by a candidate, of the LGBTIQA+ Greens Constitution, LGBTIQA+ Greens Election Regulations and Standing Orders, Green Party Constitution, Green Party Standing Orders, Green Party Code of Conduct or any other organisational policies of the Green Party of England and Wales and LGBTIQA+ Greens, shall be investigated by the Electoral Returning Officer who shall have the following options open to them: 

ESO13.1 Suspension of a candidate from the current election, who is suspected to have breached these rules, pending investigation by the Electoral Returning Officer. If the investigation cannot be completed by the AGM, the election will be re- run. 

ESO13.2 Expulsion from the current election of a candidate found to have breached these rules with the election otherwise continuing as normal. 

ESO15 A person is accountable to these rules from the opening of the nominations period, and may announce their candidacy and begin publicly campaigning at the opening of nominations. 

ESO16 The Electoral Returning Officer may appoint other individuals to deputise where necessary or preside over certain defined aspects of the process.

ESO17 From time to time, these Standing Orders may be amended or supplemented (to allow only for minor textual amendments and clarifications) in a proportionate manner without notice by the Electoral Returning Officer.

ESO18 Candidates agree to the LGBTIQA+ Election Regulations and Standing Orders when running for a role or by being a Supporter or Proposer of a Candidate.