Trans rights are human rights

LGBTIQA+ Greens support reforms to the Gender Recognition Act

Together with LGBT + Liberal DemocratsRainbow Greens and the co-chairs of LGBT Labour we’ve put out the following letter on the reforms to the Gender Recognition Act. #TransRightsAreHumanRights

We’re writing in support of the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act. The proposed changes could make an overwhelmingly positive impact for the lives of trans people, as already seen in Ireland, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Denmark and Belgium. We’ve watched with dismay the distortions and misinformation that have poured out into mainstream, over the proposed reforms.

As a cross party group of LGBTIQA+ people we urge people to respond positively to the consultation, before the 19th October deadline.

These reforms would finally recognise non-binary identities, free trans people from an overly medicalised and arbitrary system for recognising their gender and allow 16-17 years olds to live their true gender. We believe these changes would have a massively positive impact on trans mental health and inclusion.

In the wake of the proposals trans people have faced an incredibly hostile environment, with a barrage of online abuse and irresponsible opinion pieces. Both social media and the mainstream press have elevated the voices of a small group of trans exclusive campaigners, whilst side-lining the lived experience of trans people and the voices of trans inclusive people.

We call on this to stop and we see a desperate need for better coverage of the trans inclusive movement. From the fantastic LwiththeT presences at Pride to the hard work of organisations like Stonewall, Gendered Intelligence and Mermaids – the voices of trans people and allies need better representation. This consultation is the opportunity for all trans people and trans allies to push back against trans exclusion and marginalisation.