Sam Taylor for Belle Vue

Sam Taylor is the Green Party candidate for council by-election in Belle Vue. Sam speaks to us about Shrewsbury’s LGBTIQ Provision.

“Hi, I’m Sam Taylor, and I’m running for councillor in the Belle Vue byelection in Shrewsbury. I am non – binary transgender, and bisexual, so I have experience of what services are available for LGBTIQ people in the Shrewsbury area. While there is a decent amount of LGBTIQ services for a town, there’s very little that is publicly funded – most of it is arranged by LGBTIQ people who live and work in Shrewsbury. On the one hand this is good, as people can get what they need from their own communities, which is important. However, if there are few publicly funded services for LGBT+ people, it leaves a gap and also sends a message that we are not important or don’t need services.

If elected, I would campaign for a LGBTIQ centre in Shrewsbury, a safe place where people could go if they were feeling vulnerable, to socialise, access services, and report hate crimes. This is something I feel is important on many levels.


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