We asked all Deputy Leader and GPEx candidates to take the following pledges:

  1. Campaign with the LGBTIQA+ Greens to protect trans rights in the Equality Act and fight for reform of the Gender Recognition Act so that it is a kinder and less bureaucratic process for recognising trans people’s gender, and recognises non-binary identities.
  2. Recognise that non-binary identities exist and promise to ensure they are recognised in internal processes and in wider society.
  3. Support reserved places on the Green Party Council for LGBTIQA+ people, which is to be created.
  4. Support efforts to get more LGBTIQA+ people elected to internal offices in the party and public office externally.
  5. Support gender affirming healthcare for trans youth, rejecting ideological interference with current practice.
  6. Agree to press for full implementation of the government’s LGBT+ Action Plan, including legislating for a complete ban on conversion therapy, that covers trans, non-binary and ace people.
  7. Call for proper funding for trans healthcare in the NHS and a reduction of 3 year+ waiting lists.
  8. Support active LGBTIQA+ Greens’ campaigns: LGBTQ Refugees, a Full Ban on Conversion Therapy and Zero HIV by 2030 (zero deaths, zero new infections and zero stigma).
  9. Acknowledge wholeheartedly that fighting for LGBTIQA+ liberation goes hand in hand with fighting the climate crisis.
Unfortunately not all candidates responded before the given deadline. If any other candidates reply, we are happy to update the records.
Voting opened 1st August for the Deputy Leader, Green Party Executive and Policy Development Committee and closes on 30th August at 10pm. Exercise your right to vote!
To read each candidate’s full statement, see the members’ website:
  • For Deputy Leader click here
  • For Green Party Executive (GPEx), click here