Response to the Government Consultation on ‘Toilet Provision for Men and Women’

At a time when the lives of trans people are being discussed unlike that of any other minority group. When their very existence is being ‘debated’, dismissed, and ‘intellectualised’ by non trans politicians, academics, and anti-trans groups and individuals, the Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Government has put out a bizarrely timed and strangely […]

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Statement in Support and Solidarity with Kathryn Bristow

On Sunday 7th February 2021, The Daily Mail launched a transphobic attack on Kathryn Bristow, the democratically elected co-chair of Green Party Women, as well as towards the LGBTIQA+ Greens. Sunday’s attack on Kathryn Bristow was heartbreaking to read. We take this opportunity to show our public support for and solidarity with Kathryn, as well […]

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