Uganda Pride 2022

We stand in solidarity with our LGBTIQA+ siblings in Uganda and across Africa, and fully support their right to protest against homophobia, lesbophobia, transphobia, biphobia, queerphobia, and the oppressions they face at the hands of their governments.

However, we are extremely concerned to hear the news that UK single-issue anti-trans lobby group LGB Alliance has announced they are to sponsor this year's Uganda Pride.

We appreciate that Uganda Pride 2022 needs funding to be successful; however, before they fully accept this particular group as a supporter, we recommend that the organisers reach out to any of the many UK LGBTIQA+ organisations that have expressed concern about LGB Alliances activities.

As a political liberation group with a strong history of supporting LGBTIQA+ people across the globe, our door is open to anyone on the Uganda Pride 2022 organising committee wishing to discuss this matter in more detail. You can find out how to contact us here.

We will continue to monitor this situation and will post a more in-depth statement as it evolves.

Yours in solidarity,

LGBTIQA+ Greens Committee

LGBTIQA+ Greens is the Green Party of England & Wales' liberation group for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex, queer, and asexual/ aromantic people, also known as the LGBTIQA+ Greens. Our liberation group is formed by and for LGBTIQA+ Green Party members and allies.

We aim to increase awareness and understanding of LGBTIQA+ issues within the Green Party, progressive movements and society as a whole. We also aim to increase awareness and understanding of Green and progressive values among LGBTIQA+ people.

LGBTIQA+ Greens aim to build a more sustainable and just society where everyone is valued, respected and empowered regardless of their sexuality, gender identity or intersex status.

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