LGBT+ History Month, 2022

Important Links and Resources

LGBT+ History Month, observed during February, is a time to learn about, celebrate and share LGBTIQA+ people's achievements!

Generations of LGBTIQA+ movements and communities drove the progression of LGBTIQA+ rights over the years. It's therefore important that we never fail to acknowledge the significance of their work, hardships and successes.

As LGBTIQA+ individuals, we continue to resist and demand liberation from all forms of LGBTIQA+ oppression, both here in the UK and worldwide. This month is a prime opportunity to spread awareness for the many struggles that endure to this day.

Over this month, the LGBTIQA+ Greens will be compiling useful resources related to the topics we're focusing on. We'll also provide information on how to get involved with and support important, ongoing LGBTIQA+ campaigns!

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Our posts for LGBT+ History month 2022

We'll be updating this section with more information and resources as the month progresses!

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Week 1: Conversion therapy

Week 2: HIV and AIDS

Week 3: LGBTIQA+ Families and Fertility

Week 4: LGBTIQA+ people in STEM